ATG Star of the Week: Marie Bloechle, Electronic Acquisitions Librarian, University of North Texas Libraries

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Name: Marie Bloechle
Position: Electronic Acquisitions Librarian
Organization:University of North Texas Libraries


Born and Lived: I’m an army brat, so was born in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Soon after, though, my dad left the army and moved his family to Southern California to become a professor of geophysics at UCLA. I went to K-12 schools in the town where I grew up, Santa Monica (known as “Little Hanoi by the Sea” because of Mayor Tom Hayden and his wife at the time, Jane Fonda). I earned my Bachelor’s in French from UCLA. While working on my degree and for a few years after that, I worked in bookstore management. After I got married, we moved to Texas and I’ve lived here ever since.

Professional Career and Activities: Dissatisfied with bookstore management, I went back to college and earned my Master’s in Library Science from Texas Woman’s University. My professional career has mainly been spent as a special librarian, from an Engineering Services Librarian at a Siemens subsidiary all the way to a Market Research Specialist at Verizon. About 4 years ago, I switched to academic librarianship and became the Electronic Acquisitions Librarian at the University of North Texas Libraries.

Active in both community service and professional association volunteerism, I’ve served as Webmaster, newsletter editor, chair-elect/chair/past-chair, membership chair, and volunteer librarian for a variety of organizations for the past 15 years. I never understand how people ever get bored with all the wonderful organizations available that need help!

Family: My husband is also a librarian and is the manager of the Davis Public Library in Plano. My son is attending Iowa State University and studying for a double major in Plant Breeding and Genetics.

In My Spare Time: What spare time? I don’t understand what this means? I work, I read, I quilt, I volunteer, I write, etc., etc.

Favorite Books: Three Men in a Boat (Jerome K Jerome), The Shadow of the Wind (Carlos Ruiz Zafón), Interview with the Vampire (Anne Rice), Three Cups of Tea (Greg Mortenson), The Borrowers (Mary Norton), Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury), The Phantom Tollbooth (Norton Juster), The Inimitable Jeeves (PG Wodehouse), The Scarlet Pimpernel (Baroness Orczy), The Book Thief (Markus Zusak), The Name of the Rose (Umberto Eco), People of the Book (Geraldine Books), Jennie (Paul Gallico), The Fencing Master (Arturo Pérez-Reverte), Time and Again (Jack Finney), The Alienist (Caleb Carr), The Princess Bride (William Goldman)

How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years: In 5 years, print books will be rare and comprise less than 5% of academic library’s budgets. Those print books still being published will be done in a green and sustainable manner–that is, on rag “paper” (not trees!), using no harmful chemicals, and with non-lethal inks (such as soy). This causes print books to go up in value and collections are no longer weeded because the books are too valuable. The lion’s share of academic budgets will be spent on acquiring (not leasing) electronic resources. Publishers who have not shifted paradigms and converted their business models to accommodate will be bought out by smaller, more nimble companies. Oh, the crystal ball is going dark…no more future forecasting.

(Editor’s note: Marie was also the recipient of the 2012 Charleston Conference Academic Librarian Sponsorship awarded by IGI Global.)



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