Caught My Eye: Southern Exposure – Trendy Charleston Restaurants

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We just posted the  Call for Papers for the 2013 Charleston Conference so the timing couldn’t be better for this New York Times “Southern Exposure” article by Charleston culinary experts Matt and Ted Lee.

Matt and Ted highlight six trendy, must visit restaurants starting with James Beard Award-winning Chef Sean Brock’s acclaimed eatery HuskLocated  in a restored Victorian house on Queen Street that once housed the Gibbes Art Museum school, this restaurant offers a unique fusion that “exults in Southern ingredients.”  Next on the list is the Grocery, which opened in a former furniture factory on Cannon Street two years ago featuring “the requisite Southern revival staples.”  Continuing the tour is Two Boroughs Larder which opened its doors in 2011 and has a menu that spans “the globe from Korea to Mexico to Taiwan but remains grounded in the Southern foodscape.”   Those of you who think that no trip to Charleston is complete without sampling the great seafood may want to make reservations at the Ordinary  “a seafood temple in a limestone Art Deco bank building” at 544 King St.  Anyone looking for a less formal dining experience with a “Middle Eastern” touch may want to take a trip off the beaten path north on the peninsula to the “bakery and craft-sandwich spot Butcher & Bee in the shadow of the crosstown overpass.”  And if you crave “dead-on Asian dishes like Japanese cabbage pancake okonomiyaki and lamb and pork jiaozit” the Xiao Bao Biscuit might be the place for you.

Obviously, we just scratched the surface of this article.  Matt and Ted go into far more detail in singing the praises of these eateries so you will want to read the entire piece as part of your conference preparation.

And those of you who want to get in the mood before arriving here in November may want to try a few recipes from Matt’s and Ted’s excellent cookbooks:

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