ATG “Entire Issue of the Week": The Future of Publishing from "Nature"

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 The Future of Publishing is a special supplement from Nature that “takes a close look at the forces now at work in scientific publishing, and how they may play out over the coming decades.”  Naturally, open access gets a lot of attention but other  developments like “cloud computing, crowd sourcing and ubiquitous sharing” are on the menu as well.  In fact there are so many good articles in this special supplement of Nature that we decided to leave it to “you the reader” to decide which was the Article of the Week.  So without further ado,  here are you choices:

  • Disciplinary action  How scientists share and reuse information is driven by technology but shaped by discipline.
  • Sham journals scam authors  Con artists are stealing the identities of real journals to cheat scientists out of publishing fees.
  • The true cost of science publishing   Cheap open-access journals raise questions about the value publishers add for their money.
  • The library reboot   As scientific publishing moves to embrace open data, libraries and researchers are trying to keep up.
  • The dark side of publishing   The explosion in open-access publishing has fuelled the rise of questionable operators.
  • Beyond the paper   The journal and article are being superseded by algorithms that filter, rate and disseminate scholarship as it happens, argues Jason Prie
  • A fool’s errand   Objections to the Creative Commons attribution licence are straw men raised by parties who want open access to be as closed as possible, warns John Wilbanks.
  • Q&A: Knowledge liberator    Robert Darnton heads the world’s largest collection of academic publications, the Harvard University Library system. He is also a driver behind the new Digital Public Library of America. Ahead of its launch in April, he talks about Google, science journals and the open-access debate.
  • Open to possibilities   Opting for open access means considering costs, journal prestige and career implications.

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