ATG Book of the Week: What Editors Want: An Author's Guide to Scientific Journal Publishing

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Title: What Editors Want: An Author’s Guide to Scientific Journal Publishing,
Authors: Philippa J. Benson and Susan C. Silver
Cloth: ISBN: 9780226043135, $55.00
Paperback: 978-0226043142, $20
E-book:   ISBN: 9780226043159, $7.00 to $20.00
Imprint: Chicago: University of Chicago Press; 2012.


“Research publications have always been key to building a successful career in science, yet little if any formal guidance is offered to young scientists on how to get research papers peer reviewed, accepted, and published by leading scientific journals. With What Editors Want, Philippa J. Benson and Susan C. Silver, two well-respected editors from the science publishing community, remedy that situation with a clear, straightforward guide that will be of use to all scientists.

Benson and Silver instruct readers on how to identify the journals that are most likely to publish a given paper, how to write an effective cover letter, how to avoid common pitfalls of the submission process, and how to effectively navigate the all-important peer review process, including dealing with revisions and rejection. With supplemental advice from more than a dozen experts, this book will equip scientists with the knowledge they need to usher their papers through publication.”

Editorial Reviews:

“With this book, Benson and Silver have provided a guide to the art of preparing and submitting scientific manuscripts, with particular focus on the editor’s likely requirements. But they have done much more than that: they have placed their manual in the wider context of the need for science to be communicated to the public beyond the narrower realm of research. I shall certainly be recommending What Editors Want to authors, particularly those at an early point in their career. And as an editor, I shall even use this book to remind myself what I want.” — Andrew Sugden, deputy editor, Science

What Editors Want contains clear and practical advice on how to get your manuscript published in the peer reviewed literature. Packed with straightforward advice and insights, it will be useful for new and experienced authors alike.”  — Peter Binfield, publisher and co-founder, PeerJ

“This book is a great resource for young scientists as they begin their career-long ‘publish or perish’ marathon, and for those researchers unfamiliar with the Western STM publishing process. Journal quality is enhanced, and my job as a managing editor is made considerably easier, by authors who choose the right journal, understand the peer review and revision process, and take the time to learn and adhere to a journal’s specific requirements.  The section on new trends in scientific publishing is especially helpful in this era of rapid changes in how scientific knowledge is shared across the globe.” — Lyne Yohe, managing editor, Geology

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