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Y’all, it’s cold outside!  I prefer cold to hot but this winter is too cold in my book.  I know those of you up North with snow and ice think I am a wimp.  I have to confess — you are right!

Hope that everyone had a great holiday break.  I sure did.  Of course I was working on Against the Grain along with many others.  Jonathan Harwell has done an admirable job of assembling papers on demand-driven acquisitions also known as patron-driven acquisitions.  I know that we at the College of Charleston are getting ready to do a small pilot in a few areas so I have read these papers with great interest!  Debbi Dinkins contrasts librarian and teaching faculty selections, Dara Elmore talks about cost-per-use, Lindsey Reno has a unique suggestion for an acquisitions/reference partnership, Andrew Welch and Teri Koch explore the “just-in-time” “just-in-case” dynamic as it relates to PDA.  Finally, Sarah Forzetting and Erin Gallagher go into consortial PDA from the vendor’s perspective.  Jonathan also interviewed Kristine Baker, Director of Digital Sales at YBP about  DDA.  In our Op Ed Katy Ginanni doesn’t think that working for vendors is joining the “dark side” and I have to agree.  Tony Ferguson focuses on publishers and old ways.  Cliff Lynch reminds us of Lee Dirks who, with his beloved wife Judy was killed so tragically August 28, 2012.

We have two Special Reports, one by Don Hawkins on Indexing and another by Candace Mooney on W.T. Cox.  Our interviews are with Kristine S. Baker, Helen Henderson and Hazel Woodward, and Norm Desmarais.  Deb Vaughn sends us a review by William Joseph Thomas and Tom Gilson does his usual great reference reviews.  We have Cases of Note by Bruce Strauch and Questions and Answers by Lolly Gasaway to spice up our legal section.  Alex Holzman writes about open access monographs from the publisher’s perpective and Leila Salisbury and Doug Armato tell us about their university press panel in Charleston 2012Biz of Acq is about print serials check in by Barbara Pope.  We have several reports of meetings — The Frankfurt Book Fair, the Online Audiovisual Catalogers Conference and final reports from the 31st Charleston Conference.  In Acquisitions Archaeology, Jesse Holden asks about our obligations as professionals.  Scott Smith tells us about his new small library.  Papa Abel completes his Tale of a Band of BooksellersDonna Jacobs explores Poland and Nobel Laureates.  Collecting to the Core is about manuscripts in medieval studies, Analyze This is a new column by Rossi Morris on usage statisticsSam Demas talks about sharing print collections and Bob Holley asks about banned books and intellectual freedom.  Finally, Dennis shines his inimitable light on Google and several sessions at Charleston Conference 2012.

Whew!  I am out of breath or is it keyboard!!  And, guess what — Suddenly it is summer outside!  Excuse me while I put on my shorts and take a walk.  Oh!  And Happy New Year!

Love, Yr. Ed.

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