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IMLS releases report on trends in public libraries;  OCLC’s Shared Print Management Program; frees two new books; Soutron Global selected by National Institute of Social and Economic Research, UK; Thompson Reuters expands Book Citation Index; WT Cox and Knimbus sign strategic agreement

New Report Shows Trends in U.S. Library Service

According to UpNext: IMLS Blog “the FY 2010 report on Public Libraries in the United States  shows the vitality of public library service in America Public libraries are anchors in their communities, serving a broad constituency with both traditional services and new ones that reflect the changing needs of their populations.  According to the report, public libraries served 297.6 million people.  With a total U.S. population of more than 308.7 million in that year, it’s easy to see how relevant these community institutions are…”

OCLC Shared Print Management Program to help libraries collaborate and manage collections using WorldCat

“The new OCLC Shared Print Management Program is designed to help libraries register shared print collections holdings in WorldCat so that they can collaborate closely to more efficiently manage and share these collections.  A growing number of regional efforts are under way to consolidate and preserve print collections among multiple libraries in response to the widespread availability of digital resources and increasing pressure for space in campus library buildings…”

 Crowdfunding Allows to ‘Unglue’ Two More Books

InfoDOCKET reports “news from GlueJar president, (parent company of Eric Hellman, that two more e-books have recently become ‘unglued’ and are now freely accessible to all.”  The two titles are:

  • So You Want to Be a Librarian garnered support from 81 “ungluers”. It can be downloaded for free via this link. The book was published by Library Juice Press.
  • Dennis Weiser’s erotic sci-fi thriller The Third Awakening broke new ground in a number of ways. Produced and distributed through Smashwords, its successful campaign showed that can also work for self-published books.

Library Technology Guide reports that the “international library transformation company Soutron Global announces the addition of National Institute of Social and Economic Research (NIESR) to their growing library and information management system client list. NIESR is based in London, UK…”

Thomson Reuters Plans to Add 10,000 New Books to Book Citation Index During 2013

Citing another news report InfoDOCKET notes that “through partnerships with top publishers such as Elsevier, Johns Hopkins University Press and the University of Chicago Press” Thompson Reuters “will greatly enhance available content in the Index by adding 10,000 books in 2013, increasing the total to nearly 50,000 books from a variety of commercial, non-profit and university presses worldwide…”

According to a recent press release, “WT Cox Information Services,  a full service subscription management vendor for academic, public, medical and special libraries, and Knimbus, a cloud based search and collaboration platform that connects creators and users of Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) knowledge, have signed a strategic reseller agreement.  This alliance enhances the reach of the Knimbus platform and makes it available in a quick, simple and convenient manner to users in the United States  This alliance will satisfy that demand by enabling researchers in India to collaborate with their peers in USA… Through this alliance, WT Cox also enhances their value proposition to libraries by leveraging the power of the Knimbus platform to provide their users a seamless search and discovery experience in a collaborative environment.

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