ATG Hot Topics: Nothing New Under the Sun

by | Jan 7, 2013 | 0 comments

by Jonathan H. Harwell, Rollins College

It’s beginning to look a lot like 2012.  The hot topics so far this year seem to be the growth in e-book reading, open access, and merging publishers.

Pew Internet has released a research report on e-books vs. print, based on a US readership survey from this past fall.  I always wonder how they expect everyone to know when they’ve consulted an e-book, when many college students have trouble telling the difference between e-books and articles in our databases.  Anybody doing a study on identification of e-books to use alongside these studies of their reported usage?

Manka Angwafo, Founder & Director of the Hadithi repository, explains why open access is so important in developing countries.

Stephen Page, Chief Executive of Faber & Faber Publishers, is looking for silver linings in the Penguin/Random House merger.  See also:  Silver linings—Publisher mergers.

And finally, the Center for the Public Domain has a report on the rollover to 2013 and what it means–  or could have meant—  in terms of items rolling into the public domain.

Hoping for silver linings for all of you in the new year.

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