Newsflash: The Charleston Conference Goes Viral

by | Dec 18, 2012 |

The 2012 Charleston Conference made a big impact in the blogosphere and although we don’t want to be accused of tooting our own horn, we thought that a number of our readers would be interested in a few samples.

  • Charleston Conference: 32 & going strong – After noting the incredible  growth of the Conference from “approximately 20 attendees in its first year, … to about 1,500 the last couple of years” this post features a great interview with Katina.  It is from Wolper’s insight & outlook blog and posted by Wolper’s Chief Marketing Officer, Didi Yunginger.  (Those of you interested in more from this blog can find it on the ATG Blog Network.)
  • Catching What I Could at the Charleston Conference | LJ Insider – Observing that the weather in Charleston, SC, in early November is perfect, LJ Insider Meredith Schwartz laments that same can not be said for the Nor’easter that caused her to miss “the first half of my first Charleston Conference.”  Nonetheless, Martha reports some major takeaways from the plenary and concurrent sessions she was able to attend.
  • Notes from the Charleston Conference 2012an account from Steve Cramer’s blog  This Liaison Life: adventures of an embedded business librarian.  Steve notes that “this seems to be the best U.S. conference for heads of collections and acquisitions,” and then goes on to extol the virtues of having a conference in Charleston “a beautiful old peninsular city noted for its restaurants and their wine lists. Fine restaurants + a high ratio of publishers and vendors to librarians equals some very pleasant and long dinners.”

(We have a few more examples that we will post next week so stay tuned!)


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