SCOAP3: Living the Dream

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Ann Okerson

Ann Okerson presented a report on the SCOAP3 project and its current activities.

SCOAP3 is the first project to convert all of the peer-reviewed journals of a discipline to open access (OA).  It is hosted at CERN and is working on high energy physics journals.  It will cost about €10M to do this, and each participating country contributes its share of the worldwide publications.

The project has been underway since 2005.  Here is the timeline; in early 2011, it was approved by the Director General of CERN and is expected to go live in 2014.

Publishers of 12 high energy physics journals were invited to submit tenders for participation, with the following conditions:

SCOAP3 has started.  Libraries will work through a contact to calculate and upload the funds to a “reconciliation facility”. Training and documentation will be provided, and then operation of the consortium will be overseen by a governance organization.

Why should we be interested in this if we do not have anything to do with high energy physics?  It can be viewed as an example to prompt libraries into actively engaging with OA and the transformation of traditional journals into  OA journals.  SCOAP3 is evolving in real time as a collaborative and open project of the global community it serves.  Contributing partners will have a voice in the organization, reductions in costs of participating journals, and the ability to have their repositories automatically populated with peer-reviewed articles from the journals.


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