Did you know that the awesome David Goble, the new library director at the Citadel, was in the Summerall Guards? Do you even know what the Summerall Guards is? Well, let me tell you! The Summerall Guards, a silent precision drill  platoon, consists of 61 members. The Summerall Guards are first-class (senior) cadets who go through a rigorous physical training and initiation process and are chosen for their physical stamina and drill proficiency.  The drill, which has never been written down, is performed to a silent count. Each year’s Guards take responsibility for teaching the next year’s unit the precise drill. Created in 1932, this unit has performed nationally at Disney World, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., Mardi Gras in New Orleans and St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, Ga. as well as several Presidential inaugurations. Who would have ever guessed!


And I just learned that the incredible Joyce Ogburn (U. of Utah) has a new job – Special Assistant to the senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. Congratulations, Joyce!

The versatile Arlene Sievers-Hill is retiring from Case Western and she and her husband are moving to Costa Rica. I wonder if they will hook up with Steve Johnson (once of Clemson) and his wife who moved to Costa Rica many years ago! Maybe start a librarian retirement community?

Had a fabulous conversation with David Hirsch (Selector, Middle Eastern Studies, UCLA Library) about Greeks in Charleston. David was part of a great panel in Charleston 2012 about acquiring international materials in university libraries. David was joined by Stephen Brooks (UNC-Chapel Hill), Doug Stewart (UNC-CH) and Germaine Wadeborn (UCLA). The slides from their presentation are available on the Conference’s online schedule.

We were thrilled to have so many attendees at the 32nd Charleston Conference!  Did you see the write up in the Charleston  City Paper? “Invasion of the Librarians: Charleston Conference to flood downtown with 1,600 bookworms” by Stratton Lawrence.  A hoot!



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