ATG Star of the Week: Michele Casalini, CEO, Casalini Libri

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Name: Michele Casalini
(Michele was interviewed in the November issue of ATG; check it out!)
Title: CEO
Organization: Casalini Libri
Address: Via Benedetto da Maiano 3, 50014 Fiesole (Florence), Italy
Phone: +39 055 50181
Fax: +39 055 5018201
Website: –



Born and lived: I was born in Florence in 1965 and have lived nearby in Fiesole ever since

Early life: I spent a lot of my childhood in my mother’s native South Tyrol and grew up bilingual (German-Italian). I have two older sisters: Barbara, who works with me, and Ulla, who is a pianist. After studies at the University of Florence in modern languages and literature and a period in the publishing house La Nuova Italia, I specialised in the field of information technology and management.

Professional career and activities: Devoted to Casalini Libri.

Family: My wonderful 11-year-old son Piero Niccolò.

In my spare time: Read, listen to music, walk.

Pet peeves: Not having enough time.

Philosophy: Being conscious of the privileges of life.

Most memorable career achievement: To have contributed to the transformation of Casalini Libri from a family-based company to a structured organization with great colleagues specialized in working worldwide with libraries and publishers on both academic print and electronic publications services.

How/where do I see the industry in five years: The coming years will be crucial for completing the digital revolution and the related business models in the humanities, social sciences and other non-STM publishing fields. Although paper editions will not disappear in the foreseeable future there will be a faster increasing differentiation of the various manifestations of publications and these developments will open up new opportunities also for small and medium publishers which are an essential component of a lively cultural society. At the same time universities and their library-organizations play an even greater critical role in the integration of cultures and coexistence of languages. In general, over the next five years I believe all players should work together in order to ensure effective and sustainable information chain models from authors to readers in all disciplinary fields with the goal to carry forward our cultural heritage to the future generations.

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