ATG Book of the Week: One for the Books

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Title: One for the Books
Author: Joe Queenan
Hardbound: 9780670025824; $24.95
eBook – ePub eBook: $11.99
Imprint: New York : Viking, 2012.


“Joe Queenan became a voracious  reader as a means of escape from a joyless childhood in a Philadelphia housing project. In the years since then he has dedicated himself to an assortment of  idiosyncratic reading challenges: spending a year reading only short books, spending a year reading books he always suspected he would hate, spending a year reading books he picked with his eyes closed.

In One for the Books, Queenan tries to come to terms with his own eccentric reading style—how many more books will he have time to read in his lifetime? Why does he refuse to read books hailed  by reviewers as “astonishing”? Why does he refuse to lend out books? Will he ever buy an e-book? Why does he habitually read thirty to forty books simultaneously? Why are there so many people to whom the above questions do not even matter—and what do they read? Acerbically funny yet passionate and oddly affectionate, One for the Books is a reading experience that true book lovers will find unforgettable.”

“One for the Books” is a must for anyone who enjoys the seemingly dying pursuit of reading.”  Malcolm Forbes, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“An amusing homage to reading that contains something to offend even (especially?) the most ardent book lover.” Kirkus Review

“ONE FOR THE BOOKS is a reading experience that true book lovers will find unforgettable.”

(For a sample checkout the Wall Street Journal’s Saturday essay: “My 6,128 Favorite Books. Joe Queenan on how a harmless juvenile pastime turned into a lifelong personality disorder.”)


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