ATG Article of the Week: Placements & Salaries 2012: Emerging Jobs, New Titles

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 Placements & Salaries 2012: Emerging Jobs, New Titles

LJ’s annual Placements & Salaries survey was released earlier this week and there was some surprisingly good news.  Despite the seeming glacial pace of the recovery, according to the 2012 survey “there were numerous bright spots and unprecedented gains, ranging from positive salary growth to increased numbers of placements in agencies outside of library environments, and an exciting array of descriptors available to students seeking work inside the LIS field and elsewhere.”   Starting salaries average  $44,565, a 5% uptick from last year.  There are also a number of new job categories and titles emerging from the rapid technological changes impacting the profession.  Another interesting development is the growth in the number of positions outside of libraries being taken by LIS graduates.  “Jobs falling outside of LIS rose from 10.1% in 2010 to 18.3% of the placements in 2011.”

Reading this article gives one the sense that while the profession is going through a difficult period of transition,  the necessary adjustments are being made.  In short, reports of the profession’s slow but steady demise are highly exaggerated.  But don’t believe us.  Check out the article yourself.  While serious challenges remain, you may be pleasantly surprised by the progress being made.

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