ATG Star of the Week: Peter Brueggeman, UC San Diego Library

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Name: Peter Brueggeman
Title: Life, Health, Marine & Earth Sciences Collections Coordinator; Scripps Institution of Oceanography Archives Curator;
Organization: UC San Diego Library
address: 9500 Gilman Drive #0219, La Jolla California 92093-0219 USA
 Phone: 858-534-1230
 work website:


Born and lived: I’m a native Southern Californian, back when there were highways and not eight lane freeways, there were orange groves and open space, and Disneyland was not Waiting-in-line-land….

professional career and activities: I started shelving books in Huntington Beach Public Library in high school, drove the bookmobile too, and worked there through college. I I worked as a librarian at UCLA Biomedical Library from 1980-1984, followed by the UCSD Library to date.   I was Scripps Library Director from 1993-2012. I have been active over the years in the international marine science libraries association and other avenues.

family: I met my wife Kathy Creely on a UCSD librarian committee. Our son Leo was born on his due date.

in my spare time: vintage racing bicycles; cycling; scuba diving; Antarctic underwater field guide; Palomar Mountain local history

favorite books: R. Crumb sketch books

pet peeves: Bicycle wheel quick release levers on the right side of the bicycle.

how/where do I see the industry in five years (please answer this question if you answer none of the others)

I have been engaged in collection development since the late 1980s. Truly, I thought scholarly publishing would have crashed and burned by now, and some new model would have arisen from the ashes. Nope, financially unsustainable scholarly publishing and academic publishing practice continues.  Five years from now, a continuing steady decline…. academics aren’t going to change their publishing practice en masse.


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