Star of the Week: Patricia Rossi, Executive Editor, Psychology, JohnWiley & Sons

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Patricia Rossi
Executive Editor, Psychology
Organization: JohnWiley & Sons

Born and Lived: Born in Utica New York; went to school in Chicago and Syracuse NY; worked in Chicago, Charlotte NC, New York City, and now, Hoboken NJ, all in the educational and publishing worlds.

Professional Career and Activities: I started my professional life as a graduate student in historical US geography and fairly quickly made the decision to shift to educational publishing, which allowed me a foot in both the academic and business worlds.  I have always worked in educational publishing, but have acquired, developed, and edited in a variety of disciplines and formats: composition, literature, basic skills, history, film, journalism, speech communication, and for the past 8 years, clinical psychology at the graduate and reference level.

Family: Much of my family continues to live in upstate NY where they work in the law and social services.  I have two twenty-something children, one who is starting law school after working at a university press for three years, the other back in college after 4 years in the Marine Corps.  I follow the escapades of their many twenty-something cousins as they look to find their place in this exciting but unpredictable world.

In My Spare Time: I read, follow politics, cook, run my large and uncontainable Weimaraner.

Favorite Books: Out Stealing Horses by Peterson, Post War Europe by Tony Judt, The Golden Compass by Pullman.

Pet Peeves: Use of impact as verb.

How/Where I See the Industry in Five Years: I have no idea–good content will always be important and valued.  How providers will be compensated and who will control the flow is another question.

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