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7th Handheld Librarian Online Conference

On August 15-16, 2012, join us for the 7th Handheld Librarian Online Conferencewhere librarians on the leading edge of our profession share the latest tools and strategies.

This highly popular grass-roots conference will feature professional development for librarians by librarians. Handheld Librarian 7 builds on experiences and insights shared during prior HHL conferences, including topics such as ebooks, location-based social networking, lending devices, reference and mobile technologies impacting society. Special in-depth, two-hour workshops extend the learning on hot topics, giving you what you need to lead at your library.

In Re Books Conference — October 26 and 27

In re Books, is a conference organized by James Grimmelmann (New York Law School) on law and the future of books to be held at New York Law School on October 26 and 27. It will feature a wide-ranging conversation among authors, publishers, librarians, readers, and scholars about how law inflects all aspects of the creation, distribution, and consumption of books—and how these laws should change as the digital transition upends publishing. There will be panels devoted to electronic rights, the publishing industry, the future of libraries, readers’ rights, orphan books and mass digitization, and the long view on the history and future of books. There are more hot topics than I can list, from U.S. v. Apple to the first sale cases at the Supreme Court, from fair use to collective licensing, from reader privacy to the perennially fraught author-publisher relationship. Like our previous conference, D is for Digitize, In re Books will be an opportunity for wide-ranging, thoughtful, and good-faith conversation among all of us who share an interest in the written word.

  Free Webinar > Managing the Print-to-Digital Transition > August 21 > 2 PM – 3PM (ET)

This event takes place on Tuesday, August 21, 2 to 3 p.m. ET.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Education and the Federal Communications Commission announced a blueprint to get all schools using digital textbooks in five years. While not mandated, the initiative encouraged schools to make the switch from print to digital materials based on estimated cost-savings and academic improvement—because print textbooks are expensive and digital content can be more personalized. But there are questions as to whether digital textbooks are actually cheaper, especially when factoring in the cost of the devices needed to deliver them, and whether digital content too closely resembles its print counterpart. Given the various devices, publishers, and content formats that have emerged in the education market, school districts are moving toward their digital goals in many different ways. Our guests will discuss their approaches to using digital content and the benefits, challenges, costs, and savings driving their strategy.


Jay McPhail, director of instructional technology, Riverside Unified school district, CA. and James Ponce, superintendent, McAllen Independent school district, TX

Moderator: Jason Tomassini, staff writer, Education Week

An archived version of the event will be available within 24 hours after the original presentation.

Underwriting for this webinar is made possible by a grant from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) is offering a multitude of online courses

Upcoming RUSA Courses for the fall 2012

NEW COURSE! Interlibrary Loan 101 Sept. 17 – Oct. 14, 2012, Live Sessions on Mon and Wed, 1-2p.m. Central Time
Topics covered: ILL process, policies and procedures from both the borrowing and lending perspectives, copyright law and licensing impacts on ILL, and ILL resources and systems. Participants will learn standard practices, gain an overview of emerging trends, and practice writing policies for interlibrary borrowing and lending. Live presentations will be held Monday and Wednesday, 1:00-2:00p.m. Central time, with additional asynchronous coursework.

Introduction to Spatial Literacy and Online Mapping Sept. 17 – Oct. 7, 2012
REGISTER NOW. This course consistently sells out, so register early!
In light of the widespread use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology such as Google Earth or Google Map Mashups o communicate information in a map format, it is time to train librarians to not only assist library clients with their inquiries, but to use the technology themselves in their reference work and liaison responsibilities. This three week course will introduce you to a variety of mapping tools and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies that are of interest to both public and academic library users.

Spatial Literacy II: Incorporation of Maps and GIS Dec. 3 – Dec. 23, 2012
This course incorporates the geospatial literacy and mapping skills covered in part one of this two part course and teaches how to apply it in library services: reference work, library projects, library administration, collection delivery, instruction, outreach and promotion. Topics covered will include map literacy, staff development and training; using maps and GIS in library projects; and a basic introduction to GIS software.

Health Information 101 Sept. 17 – Oct. 28, 2012
REGISTER NOW. CEUs offered! Those who complete the required coursework will receive one continuing education unit. Registration rates for this course are $20 higher than other courses so that we can offer these CEUs for you.
Topics covered include medical terminology, evidence-based biomedical literature searching, health literacy and health outcomes, how to evaluate health and medical websites, consumer health resources, and the business of healthcare.

Reference Interview Sept. 17 – Oct. 27, 2012
A comprehensive course focusing on the methods of evaluating reference service, behavioral aspects of reference service, and the different types of questions that can be used to help patrons identify what they need. Other topics include approachability, questioning and listening techniques and the reference interview environment. Chat sessions will model interviewing techniques using sample dialogues.

Business Reference 101 Oct. 22 – Nov. 16, 2012
REGISTER NOW. This course consistently sells out, so register early!
The course will provide a framework for understanding the business reference process as well as an overview of business reference sources specific to the following areas: company research, small business and industry research, international business, consumer research, business statistics, investing and the stock market. Participants will also have access to proprietary business reference databases such as Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage, Morningstar, IBISWord and ReferenceUSA, among others.

Genealogy 101 Oct. 29 – Dec. 1, 2012
The course will outline basic sources and strategies, centered on a single case study, for American genealogy reference service. Topics covered include the U.S. Census, vital records, immigration research, military research, archival material, print reference tools, online sources and a variety of other basic genealogy sources. Students will also receive instruction in reference desk strategies and tools for further professional development.



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