Mukesh Sharma
Chief Executive Officer
Organization: QA InfoTech

Born and Lived: Born & lived in Pilani, Rajasthan(India)

Professional Career and Activities: I began my career in 1995 as a Software Engineer with DCM Data Systems in New Delhi, India. After working for 8 years in the IT industry, I founded QA InfoTech, an independent QA and testing company in 2003. We have grown to 600+ employees with 5 offices worldwide. I am responsible for the company’s vision and lead the organization’s worldwide operations, marketing, sales and development efforts.

Family: I live with my parents, wife and kids.

In My Spare Time: In my spare time, I prefer to spend time with my family. I love to play golf, table tennis and indulge myself into philanthropy.

Favorite Books: Execution by Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan & How To Break Web Software by Mike Andrews, James A.

Most Memorable Career Achievement: After founding QA InfoTech, it was my dream to be associated with a company that has online products for library users and we are presently doing a pilot for them and doing paperwork to work with them as their QA partner. So I have been able to make it happen.

Goal I Hope to Achieve Five Years from Now: Establish QA InfoTech as a symbol for quality that users would look for in each online library product that they use.

How/Where I See the Industry in Five Years: I think the industry will continue to evolve. Consumers will depend on Smart Handheld Devices for information collection, distribution and communication.