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Science as an Open Enterprise now Available

The Science as an Open Enterprise Report was just released by the UK Royal Society and ” highlights the need to grapple with the huge deluge of data created by modern technologies in order to preserve the principle of openness and to exploit data in ways that have the potential to create a second open science revolution…”

Six key areas for action are highlighted in the report:

  • Scientists need to be more open among themselves and with the public and media
  • Greater recognition needs to be given to the value of data gathering, analysis and communication
  • Common standards for sharing information are required to make it widely usable
  • Publishing data in a reusable form to support findings must be mandatory
  • More experts in managing and supporting the use of digital data are required
  • New software tools need to be developed to analyse the growing amount of data being gathered”

Pre-publication version of Research Library Issues, no. 279 (June 2012) available

Special Collections and archive librarians will find a lot of practical value in the recently released issue of  Research Library Issues: a Quaretely Report form ACRL, CNI and SPARC that is now available on the ARL website.  The issue is entitled  Digitization of Special Collections and Archives: Legal and Contractual Issues and contains four relevant documents:

Primo Upgrade From Ex Libris Builds on Customization Strengths

Barbara Quint reports in Information Today that “after several months of testing with “early adopters,” Ex Libris Group released version 4 of its Primo Discovery and Delivery product. Primo currently operates at more than 1,000 sites worldwide.  According to this article, customization appears to be a product strength and “the new version expands on this with personalization options that filter and rank material down to the academic degrees and disciplines of users, as well as additional administrative tools for local librarians…”

PeerJ Preserves with the CLOCKSS Archive

“The CLOCKSS Archive is pleased to announce that it has partnered with PeerJ to preserve their ejournal in CLOCKSS’s geographically and geopolitically distributed network of redundant archive nodes, located at 12 major research libraries around the world. By archiving with CLOCKSS, PeerJ has committed to the preservation of their ejournal. This action provides for content to be freely available to everyone after a “trigger event” and ensures an author’s work will be maximally accessible and useful over time…”

Bibliotheca to support open source eBook model

“Bibliotheca, the leading global developer and supplier of technologies designed to enhance library efficiency and the user experience, is partnering with the library community to facilitate adoption of open source platforms for the delivery of electronic content. The company will build upon the concepts originally designed and developed by the Douglas County Libraries, CO (DCL) to enable libraries, first in North America and then around the globe, to meet the many challenges that the emerging world of eBooks presents…”

ICANN Releases List of 1,400 Possible New Internet Top-Level Domains

“This article in Information Today reports on “the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) released its highly anticipated list of potential new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) for consideration and comment. The controversial gTLD initiative could open up the internet domain name system to countless variations beyond the traditional .com, .net, .edu, .info, and others. The release begins a 60-day comment period where both the general public and parties such as trademark owners will have the opportunity to comment or object to possible new domains…”

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