Caught My Eye 6/5/12

by | Jun 5, 2012 | 1 comment

Publishing industry gathers for annual convention

According to this post on today’s Boston Globe website “booksellers again have good news to report as the publishing industry prepares for its annual national convention, BookExpo America.”  In a third straight year of annual increases “core membership of the American Booksellers Association rose by 55 over the past year, from 1,512 to 1,567.”  And perhaps more importantly “the number of books sold through mid-May by around 500 ABA stores increased by 13.4 percent compared to last year.”

The article also discusses book industry trends like the continued emergence of digital companies, increased participation by suppliers of non-book and gift items and the growing presence of and its book publishing program – despite the fact that “many stores refuse to stock books released by Amazon.”

Libraries are also being given much deserved attention.   “One convention panel is titled ‘‘What Librarians Wish Publishers Knew: Libraries Build Book Buzz,’’ addressing a perennial conflict between libraries and publishers: Whether free books, especially free e-books, mean lost sales or potential new ones.”  And of course there are other issues being discussed like the “alleged price fixing” Apple-Amazon lawsuit, a publishers roundtable on ebooks and a book blogging conference.

Given that much of  BookExpo is interactive and is being streamed live on video, you can see some of the sessions at Book Expo America.   Check it out when you get a chance.

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