Rumors: The Online Edition 3/28/12

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Learned from Facebook among other places that the always-on-the-move Rick Anderson has been named Acting Dean, Marriott Library at the University of Utah while his spectacular boss Joyce Ogburn carries on her ALA/ACRL duties. Congratulations to both of them!

Speaking of Facebooking, I have been trying to do more, but I just don’t have enough time! And I really have to apologies to all of you who have asked me to join them on LinkedIn. Here is the story. I have two accounts and I don’t know how to merge them and I can’t remember the password in either account.  I swear I am working on it!  ; )

And this one is from good old email. The high-energy Hazel Woodward is taking early retirement from Cranfield University at the end of March. From April 1, Hazel’s new email will be

Speaking of Hazel, I hope that she and her dynamo friend Helen Henderson will do their Anthony Watkinson imitation again at the 2012 Charleston Conference! Y’all will remember that Hazel and Helen were the moderators in the third overflow room (The Colonial Room) at the Francis Marion Hotel at the 31st Charleston Conference. They livened things up!

Everyone wants to predict the future. Just ran into an article from the Williamson Daily News (Tuesday, February 1, 1966) – a story from the past that predicted the future with terrifying accuracy? An article from 1966 claimed that someday, people would obsess over Batman to the point where they actually would write articles searching for a deeper meaning in his super-heroic adventures.  Check if out!

The Charleston Conference Call for Preconferences and Call for Papers is up right now! Please turn in a proposal!


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