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FRPAA adds new co-sponsors; Ingram expands its print-on-demand; Encyclopedia Britannica and EBSCO reach agreement;  and UCONN releases Undergraduates and the Library study.

Two Dozen Bipartisan Co-Sponsors Add Their Support to FRPAA

According to a report by Information Today “24 new bipartisan co-sponsors have officially been added to the roster of supporters for H.R. 4004, The Federal Research Public Access Act. Heather Joseph, executive director of SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, reported on the briefing and the new co-sponsors.

The new co-sponsors join the bill’s original sponsors, Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA), Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO) and Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS). These new supporters reflect the consistently broad and bi-partisan appeal of this policy, which would ensure that taxpayers are guaranteed free, online access to articles reporting on the results research that their tax dollars have funded…”

Ingram Expands Print-on-Demand Capabilities With Partnership and Acquisition

“Ingram Content Group today announced a licensing agreement with EPAC Technologies Inc.  and the acquisition of assets of two EPAC print facilities in the U.S. plus a technology development and support group in Germany to expand its Lightning Source worldwide print-on-demand operation… Through the licensing of these technologies and the acquisition of two print facilities, one in Ohio and one in New Jersey, Ingram gains new capabilities to enhance its current proprietary print-on-demand solution. In addition, it will grow the universe of publisher titles and print volume eligible for digital manufacturing.”

New Agreement Adds Britannica to Growing List of Content Providers for EBSCO Discovery Service

“Encyclopedia Britannica has agreed to join the list of content providers for EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS). The agreement between EBSCO Publishing and Britannica Digital Learning adds metadata to the EDS Base Index and allows full text searching of Britannica’s popular Britannica Online School, PreK-8, Public Library, 21st Century Explorer and Academic Editions…”

UConn Discovers What Students Want From Their Library

The University of Connecticut Libraries Undergraduate Education Team released the results of Assessment 360, formally titled Undergraduates and the Library: How Students Use and Engage with Spaces, Resources, and Technologies.  Among the findings of the study are:

  • the name “Learning Commons” meant little to students;
  • the Commons (and the whole library) needs a lot more outlets for students’ laptops.
  • The students had little knowledge of, or interest in, reference assistance; they preferred signage to having to ask for help. (45 percent say they never seek face to face help from a librarian, and another 35 percent did so once a semester or less. Of those who did interact with librarians, it was almost always after “push” from a professor.)

Access to library resources via the campus course management system, physical space preferences, and technology use were also covered in the study.

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