ATG Star of the Week: Rachel Fleming, Serials Librarian, Western Carolina University

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Rachel Fleming
Title: Serials Librarian
Organization: Western Carolina University

Born and Lived: Iowa is my homeland, although now that I reside in Western North Carolina, I am part of the Iowa Diaspora.

Professional Career and Activities: I’ve been assessing & reducing collections ever since I was a teenager working in a biotechnology company’s technical service department.  After working as a student assistant in acquisitions as an undergraduate, I went to graduate school at the University of Missouri – Columbia.  While a graduate students, my colleagues and I reviewed and reduced the curriculum collection at The Reflector, a resource center for the College of Education.  I then worked for five years as Collection Development Librarian at Central College in Pella, Iowa.  At Central, my greatest accomplishments were increasing the breadth and depth of electronic resources while maintaining a zero increase budget, and completing a 15% reduction of the monographic collection.  I now work for Western Carolina University, where my first task has been to reduce the continuing resources budget by over 20% through a complete review of continuing resources.

I’m interested in other things, especially those involving history and spreadsheets.

Family: Mr. Isaac Cat, bullseye tabby and troublemaker.  Ms. Delilah Cat, black with white accents, malcontent.

In My Spare Time: In my spare time, I study martial arts, go cycling, and argue with my cats.

Favorite Books: I’m not going to lie, Go, Dog. Go! has always been my favorite book, and it will always be my favorite book.

Philosophy: Service.

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