ATG Hot Topic of the Week: Anthropologists Occupying Open Access, and Web Kids vs. ACTA

by | Mar 9, 2012 | 0 comments

by Jonathan Harwell, Georgia Southern University

Remember how I mentioned that anthropologists and other academics are becoming as vocal as librarians are about the economics of scholarly publishing?  Check out the March 2012 special issue of anthropologies on “Occupy & Open Access.”  Barbara Fister and several other authors are engaging the OA movement and the Occupy movement as they relate to anthropology.


Oh, and remember those mysterious Millennials, those Digital Native kids we used to talk about?  They’re grown up, and some have decided to help the rest of us figure them out.  Check out this statement from the “Web kids,” along with TechDirt’s coverage.  It’s all been spurred by the ACTA legislation, which is being covered by Michael Geist here.  (Remember when all those websites went dark to protest SOPA/PIPA?  It’s kinda like that.)

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