Rumors: The Broadcast Edition

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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

Big news that Koninklijke Brill NV and Taylor&Francis Group, part ofInforma PLC of London, have signed a purchase agreement for a journal and book program in science and engineering. This program was published by Brill under the VSP imprint. The transaction rounds off a strategic repositioning of Brill’s focus where the humanities and selected areas of the social sciences are considered core, together with international law, natural history, and biology. The agreement takes immediate effect and represents a revenue base of about 1.25 million Euros. Brill expects to report a net profit on disposal of business related to this transaction of just over 3 million Euros in 2012. The transaction has no impact on staff levels. The fantastic Herman A. Pabbruwe is CEO of Brill. I remember when I first encountered the dapper Herman. It was on the telephone (an international call because he was in Amsterdam?). I was terrified. Was putting together a series of talks at ALA for Richard Rowe of Faxon and we decided that Herman was our man!

Had an incredible telephone conversation yesterday with Tim Coates of a new start up called Bilbary  He said that the name comes from a misspelling of library. Mr. Coates (who has the same name as one or our College of Charleston English professors coincidentally)  has a bookstore background (Waterstone’s, Blackwell’s) and worked for a time for YBP/Lindsay & Croft. Anyway, it’s an interesting eBook venture and Mr. Coates is quite passionate about it. We will be having an interview with him in Against the Grain shortly!

The Charleston Conference planning is heating up! Get calls or emails most days asking about either the Vendor Showcase, the program, or whatever! The planning group had a conference the other day. And the versatile Leah Hinds promises that the Call for Papers/ Preconferences/etc. will be up by the end of

Speaking of Leah, she understands the word “seamless”! She just moved her whole family (a husband, 2 children, and a houseful of belongings, she left the horses behind for this trip) from Anderson, SC to Columbia, SC, not too far (a couple of hours apart), but relocating is always stressful no matter how far you go. Anyway, there was no interruption in ATG or the Charleston Conference planning or anything else during her move, even if she had to go to Internet cafes or libraries to keep up her work. Thanks to Leah  and her family! Her email is still the same. Like I said, it’s seamless!

And more! The Proceedings of the Charleston Conference will now be published in partnership with Purdue University Press! And Charles Watkinson(Anthony’s handsome son with the wife and new baby) is the Director of Purdue University Press, remember?

Was leafing through some books that had come on approval yesterday. Ran into the latest one about Jackson Pollock, the artist. (Jackson Pollock (Icons of America), by Evelyn Toynton,  Yale University Press, 2012) I love looking at books, especially new books as they come in to the library. What’s it going to be like when/if all books are virtual? No books to thumb through and discover facts serendipitously? I didn’t know that Tennessee Williams used Pollock as a model for Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, the role that made Marlon Brando famous.  You probably already knew that but I didn’t, and I found it out on the approval plan!

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