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Apple’s iBooks Author gets some competition; HarperCollins’ 26-Loan Cap is reappraised; Barnes and Noble to release lower end Nook; and cloud computing best practices for state and local government.

2 New Platforms Offer Alternative to Apple’s Textbook-Authoring Software

Apple’s iBooks Author software has some new competition that makes it easier “for multiple authors to collaborate on a joint textbook project.”  According to this report from the Chronicle of Higher Education Booktype, is a “free and open-source” alternative while Inkling Habitat “creates a cloud-based platform for the professional market…”

One Year Later, HarperCollins Sticking to 26-Loan Cap, and Some Librarians Rethink Opposition

According to this article in Digital Shift with other publishers pulling titles from the library market, HarperCollins 26-loan cap is being reassessed by librarians.  There seems to be an evolving preference for, as one librarian put it, “a HarperCollins model over no availability of titles.”  But perhaps more importantly, there is little evidence that the 26-loan cap has been the problem that many anticipated.  The main issue for libraries appears to be “figuring out where we are in the count” – more of a nuisance than a deal breaker.

Report: Barnes & Noble To Release Lower-End Nook Tablet On Feb. 22 notes that according to “a report from The Verge, Barnes & Noble is releasing a Nook Tablet with less storage space—and, presumably, a lower price—on Wednesday.”  This is seen as an attempt by Barnes and Noble to compete with the Kindle Fire more directly.

Guide for Best Practices in Cloud Computing for State and Local Governments

Resource Shelf links to the Comprehensive Guide for Best Practices in Cloud Computing for State and Local Governments recently release by the TechAmerica Foundation.  “It addresses cloud access and deployment challenges that are unique to states and localities — including procurement practices — and provides recommendations for surmounting barriers.”

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