Random House recommits to libraries; a Science survey on journal prestige; a NFAIS code of practice; Goodreads switches from Amazon to Ingram;  OVID adds an APA database; and Springer signs an agreement with Entomological Society of Brazil.

Random House Reaffirms Commitment to Library Ebook Lending While Raising Prices to Wholesalers

This post from Digital Shift reports that Random House has reaffirmed “its commitment to library lending of the company’s entire portfolio of ebook titles.”  However, prices are going up.  As of March 1, Random House will raise “the ebook prices that it charges library wholesalers such as OverDrive, 3M, and Ingram, which set the ultimate price libraries will pay to lease ebooks.”

Journals Inflate Their Prestige by Coercing Authors to Cite Them

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education “a survey published today in Science shows that journal editors often ask prospective authors to add superfluous citations of the journal to articles, and authors feel they can’t refuse. The extra citations artificially inflate a journal’s impact and prestige…” (The Science paper is for subscribers only, but you can read a summary here.)

NFAIS Releases Draft Discovery Service Code of Practice

“The National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) has posted a draft Discovery Service Code of Practice for review and comment by March 16, 2012.  NFAIS believes that discovery services have the potential to provide ease of information discovery, access, and use… However, the relative newness of these services has generated questions and concerns among information providers and librarians as to how these services meet expectations with regard to issues related to traditional search and retrieval services…

The NFAIS is inviting comment from the information community.  Are there other issues to be considered? Who do they impact? What solutions should be considered? All comments are welcome and can be submitted online at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RV257LM.”

Goodreads Dumps Amazon’s Metadata- in favor of Ingram

According to this Information Today report, Goodreads a “social cataloging” website  that purportedly offers “more than 10 million reviews of 700,000 titles,” will no longer rely on Amazon for is basic metadata due to what it considers “Amazon’s restrictive API agreements—not allowing for use of Amazon data on mobile apps and the inability of linking to competing bookstores.” Instead, Goodreads has reached an agreement with Ingram to supply its metadata. “Additionally, Goodreads noted that they “are working with dozens of other open data sources, such as libraries, to find book records from all over the world.”

APA Database Available Via Ovid Platform

Quoting the press release, Resource Shelf reports that “the American Psychological Association’s (APA) research database is being made available online under a deal with Wolters Kluwer Health. The group’s Ovid unit will carry the APA’s PsycTESTS on its OvidSP platform, which already hosts five other APA databases…

Springer to publish journal and book series for Entomological Society of Brazil

“Starting in 2012 Springer will partner with the Entomological Society of Brazil to publish the journal Neotropical Entomology and a new book series Entomology in Focus. Prof. Fernando L.Consôli of the University of São Paulo is editor of both the journal and the book series…”