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Today’s updates center on Barnes & Noble book sales; a Charleston Library Society restoration project; a JISC/Elsevier deal; updates for Magazines for Libraries; and a Library Copyright Alliance submission.

Barnes & Noble 3Q 2011 Earnings: Bookseller Reports Loss In Sales Of Physical Books

In response to a continuing drop in the sale of print books, Barnes & Noble “plans to invest more heavily in its Nook e-book reader and digital media.”   According to CEO William Lynch, Barnes and Noble expects “to sell millions of devices during our third quarter, adding to the millions of current NOOK customers.”  While declining to give exact figures, Barnes & Noble claims that “sales across all Nook businesses, including digital content, hardware devices and accessories, rose 85 percent.”

Third-oldest US library restoring thousands of rare titles

The Charleston Library Society announces “a multi-year effort to catalog and restore thousands of rare books.”  According to archivist Trisha Kometer “it’s amazing that they made it through the American Revolution… the Civil War… a fire and hurricanes,” not to mention “Charleston summers without air conditioning and through insect damage.”  The library has received grants from the MeadWestvaco Foundation to begin the work.  Plans call for the holdings to be posted online as they are cataloged.

JISC Collections and Elsevier Renew Agreement for Electronic Journal Content Through 2016

“JISC Collections announced today that they have agreed the terms of a license to renew access for the next five years to Elsevier’s journal content, via their SciVerse ScienceDirect platform. The vast majority of researchers at UK academic institutions will have online access to all 2,000+ Elsevier journals. Furthermore, the agreement also offers institutions multiple access options, depending on their needs.”

Magazines for Libraries™ Update

This Serial Solutions website is providing journal and magazine reviews that will be published in the next edition of Bowker’s Magazines for Libraries.  Click here to view all reviews.

Libraries: Let Profs and Film Students Continue to Rip DVDs

In a rich submission to the Copyright Office, the Library Copyright Alliance is asking that “the rule allowing college professors and film and media students to decrypt DVDs for educational uses,” be renewed.  Such exceptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can be requested every three years and DVDs have be granted several past exceptions.  Other interested parties that have filed including the International Documentary Assn., the EFF, Public Knowledge, and Professor Peter Decherney whose work in this area is widely recognized.

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