ATG Hot Topic of the Week: Amazon and Academic Libraries

by | Dec 16, 2011 | 0 comments

by Jonathan H. Harwell, Georgia Southern University

There’ve been a couple of new dust-ups over Amazon.  They’re apparently encouraging people to go to shops to check prices, then to buy the stuff from Amazon instead.  Richard Russo, Stephen King, and friends aren’t happy.

Meanwhile, Slate says don’t shop at a bookstore, shop at Amazon instead.  Will Doig at Salon isn’t happy.  (Bonus points if you can spot the common yet embarrassing typo before Salon fixes it.)

In other news, remember Brad Eden’s rousing presentation at the Charleston Conference this year?  Here’s that report he talked about–  the one that academic administrators are reading, which means all of us should read it too.  Do your colleagues a favor and share it:

Redefining the Academic Library:  Managing the Migration to Digital Information Services

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