ATG Article of the Week: What Wikipedia Deletes, and Why

by | Oct 25, 2011 | 0 comments

What Wikipedia Deletes, and Why discusses research done by a University of Pennsylvania research team onthe reasons Wikipedia deletes material.  The research team “wondered what content on theenormously popular Web site could be so troubling that Wikipedia administrators would decide to remove it forever.”  As Insup Lee, one of the researchers, notes  “Wikipedia is at that paramount example of open-source transparency… so when you see them behaving in a nontransparent manner, you want to see what motivates them to do this.”  The article goes on to mention causes ranging from copyright and plagiarism to libel and/or invasions of privacy.  According to the article, the research team’s full paper is available at “What Wikipedia Deletes: Characterizing Dangerous Collaborative Content.”

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