ATG Article of the Week: Social Metadata for Libraries, Archives and Museums Part 1: Site Reviews

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Social Metadata for Libraries, Archives, and Museums Part 1: Site Reviews

Authored Karen Smith-Yoshimura and Cyndi Shein for OCLC Research, this report notes that “many cultural heritage institutions are interested in gaining a better understanding of social metadata” (content contributed by users). A number of   libraries, archives and museums see social metadata as “a way to both augment and recontextualize the content and metadata” they create. This report—the first of three—“provides an environmental scan” of 76 sites as well as detailed reviews of 24 representative sites.”

All of the sites reviewed are deemed “relevant to libraries, archives, and museums that supported such social media features as tagging, comments, reviews, images, videos, ratings, recommendations, lists, links to related articles, etc.”  In addition,  site managers  are surveyed and the results are analyzed to shed light on “ the factors that contribute to successful—and not so successful—use of social metadata.” This initial report also touches on “issues related to assessment, content, policies, technology, and vocabularies.”

“The second report will provide an analysis of the results from a survey of site managers, and the third report will provide recommendations on social metadata features most relevant to libraries, archives, and museums as well as the factors contributing to success.”

You can read the first report by clicking Download the report (.pdf: 6.10MB/174 pp.)

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