ATG Hot Topic of the Week: Google Reaches Settlement on Illegal Ads

by | Sep 2, 2011 | 0 comments

by Dennis Brunning, Arizona State University

I’m always interested in things Google, especially this business which, like Amazon and Apple, is affecting us as consumers and librarians. Many–consumers and librarians–seem to be ambivalent about Google. We all use it and depend on it yet we don’t trust it. If you ever read about the robber barons and history that led to Sherman Anti-Trust you’d think we’d all be decentralizing our online lives. But the technology seems destined to monopolies.

You’ll see a lot of these settlements and lawsuits in the future as the big guys sort it out. And it is another way of taxing that I don’t know, Republicans tacitly support?

The do no evil was so evil…

Your links:

Google Reaches Settlement on Illegal Ads

“The agreement ends an inquiry into the search engine’s practices on illegal ads for online pharm…”

Google Forking Over $500 Million In Online Pharmacy Ad Settlement

“It’s official. Google has agreed to settle a federal probe into ads it ran for online Canadian pharmacies by forfeiting $500 million. ”

Google Forks Over Settlement On Rx Ads

“In a rare public mea culpa, Google Inc. agreed to pay $500 million to avoid Justice Department prosecution on charges that it knowingly accepted illegal advertisements from Canadian online pharmacies for years.”

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