Emeryville, CA—The University of California Davis Mabie Law Library has switched to SkyRiver for its cataloging services.

As the first law library to embrace SkyRiver, the library’s central concern was whether the database would be appropriate for an academic library with a great breadth of law specialties, ranging from ancient law to cyber law. The answer is a resounding “yes” according to Kathy Lin, Cataloging Department Head. She adds, “In addition to a high hit rate for our new titles, the database is easy to navigate and we find records more quickly since the SkyRiver database is much cleaner than that of our legacy cataloging service.”

“SkyRiver represents a multi-faceted win for us,” says Judy Janes, Interim Director. “Not only can we find the records we need but, since the database is easier to use, it will provide improved efficiencies in our workflow and we’ll also be saving money on an ongoing basis as a result of SkyRiver’s lower cost.”