Swets Americas is proud to introduce our exclusive, cutting edge SwetsWise Medical Searcher, offering advanced, industry-specific technology for point of care and research services.

This groundbreaking, search integrates directly into Electronic Health Record systems for on-the-go research from medical carts, tablets and mobile devices. Healthcare professionals can search the most respected resources in the medical community with up-to-the-minute access to the newest information available.

Physicians and researchers often require off-site access for their own practices. SwetsWise Medical Searcher is built with remote access capabilities to help healthcare professionals conduct research and queries outside of hospital campuses.

“SwetsWise Medical Search is unparalleled to anything currently available, providing entirely new capabilities for patient-side care at an unbelievable price,” said Jose Luis Andrade, Swets America’s President. “Faster research can result in more accurate and efficient service in terms of diagnosis and care. This not only saves time for both the medical provider and patient, but can also save lives and heartache in critical care situations.”

The most immediate search results appear in seconds and all results are relevance-ranked based on concepts and intelligent clustering which minimizes the time commitment for identifying specific search terms to locate the appropriate resources.

The convenient and portable technology offers near-instantaneous results that allow healthcare providers to make treatment decisions in a shorter amount of time compared to traditional research. Technology is one of the gateways to improving health and healthcare and we feel this technology is filling a very large cap in the point of care research community. Medical Searcher is the only service of its kind and is now available solely through Swets, innovators in information solutions.