COS Pivot™ Launched as Research Development Tool

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Latest innovation from COS supports proactive identification of research funding and collaboration opportunities.  

August 9, 2011 (BETHESDA, MD, USA) – ProQuest brand COS is streamlining the workflow in university research offices by combining two of its most powerful products in a single platform.  Designed specifically for research administrators, managers and research development professionals, the new COS Pivot™ service unifies COS Funding Opportunities, the most comprehensive, global source of funding, and the acclaimed comprehensive profiles in COS Scholar Universe.  With the ease of a single interface, users can now quickly identify available financial support along with research partners. 

“Research development officers are looking for ways to match funding to faculty to grow research activity at their institutions,” said Jeff Baer, ProQuest vice-president and COS general manager.  “COS Pivot provides tools for simultaneously expediting three key processes that support those goals:  identifying faculty expertise, locating applicable funding opportunities, and promoting collaborations among researchers.  The bottom line:  Pivot builds efficiency in the delivery of the research office’s primary services.”

The foundation of the Pivot service is the acclaimed Funding Opportunity database, which is enriched with COS’ thesaurus and combined with pre-populated scholar profiles and indexed faculty web pages.   This content is tightly integrated with COS’ proprietary connector algorithm, enabling users to search for funding and instantly view matching collaborators from inside or outside their institution. 

In addition to the connections Pivot makes between funding and profiles, it includes tools that make the management of funding opportunities in the pre-award phase more efficient. Users can add internal deadlines to build effective timelines for seizing critical funding opportunities — especially useful for limited submissions.   Funding opportunities can be tracked and organized so that highest priorities take center stage.  And users can easily stay on top of the funding landscape by saving and organizing their searches, monitoring action steps, and getting weekly updates on active projects. 

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