ALPSP Seminar: Books and Journals as One

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Thursday 17 November 2011
British Institute of Radiology, 36 Portland Place, London W1B 4AT

Chair: Francois Barnaud, Marketing Manager, OECD

The digital environment has revolutionised the way in which content is accessed and used. Users want information, and fast – they don’t usually care about the container it comes in. It is no longer necessary to keep “book” or “journal” content separate – “never the twain shall meet” is simply not the case. Books can be sold on subscription, journal issues can be sold as independent products. Books can be marketed to your journal subscribers and your book customers can learn about your journals…they are frequently, or should be, the same customer.

But what do your users want? What does integrated content mean for the publisher? How can you create and host multi-purpose content, and how can you market and sell it? What business and pricing models should you be aware of? What are the benefits for users and publishers? Are there any drawbacks?

In this seminar you will hear from librarians about the issues for users and from publishers about the challenges and opportunities of creating books and journals as one.

Who should attend: Editorial, production and sales/marketing staff from Societies and other publishers, who want to maximise the potential of their publishing programme by adjusting their content creation and delivery to suit their customers’ discovery and reading preferences.


0915 Registration, tea/coffee

0945 Introduction from the Chair

Session 1 Using The Stuff

1000 What is the appeal of combined book and journal deals for libraries?
Terry Bucknell, Electronic Resources Manager, University of Liverpool

Session 2 Editing and Producing the Stuff – How to create multi-purpose content..

1045 The challenge of creating content for multi-purpose platforms
Catherine Candea, Deputy Head of OECD Publishing, OECD

1115 Tea/coffee

1135 Benefits, issues and choices to make when hosting multi-purpose content
Martin Marlow, Principal and CEO, Maverick OS

1205 The Global Business Model – an overview
John Cox, Director, John Cox Associates

1235 Questions

1245 LUNCH

Session 3 Selling the Stuff: How to sell multi-purpose content..

1330 The Publisher’s perspective – selling books and journals as bundles and packages
Neil Byrne, Journals Sales Manager, ICE Publishing

1400 The agent’s perspective: From marketing to selling multi-purpose platforms
Pinar Erzin, Managing Director, Accucoms

1430 The agent’s perspective: “The need to place yourself in the customers shoes: Experiences drawn from the Nordic market”
Dan Ahlskog, Director, Wize Nordic –

1500 Final questions and discussion

1530 Closing remarks and wine reception

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