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On October 31, 2010 The Plan Bible published the first Bible ever to be arranged in chronological order for history and prophecy. The largest Christian publisher has partnered with The Plan Bible on this endeavor that has spanned over 20 years development. After gaining the approval of the prestigious committee of bible translators the first release of the product is in eBook, available on Kindle, Apple, Nook, and Sony eReader.

Zondervan has stated that nothing else like it has been developed. The features include over 430 date calculations of biblical history, over 2,000 prophetic verses color coded to their fulfillments and over 2,500 prophetic verses that will be fulfilled in the future; all placed in outline format that reads like a single message starting with Creation and ending with the Completion of all ages. There are hyperlinks as well that take the reader from the declaration of a prophecy to its fulfillment, simply clicking on them eventually takes the reader back to the start of the thread.

The Plan even helps students with an integrated reading guide for reading The Plan, whether they wish to complete their reading in one year, six months, or three months. Its digital format eases and enhances the reading through text searches, loops, and portability, while appealing to a new generation of biblical students, presenting the Bible to them in a manner that is more relevant to their lives. The Plan is an invaluable tool for enhancing the understanding of the Bible, adding layers of meaning to both the stories of the Bible and the events of world history, and deepening the reader’s faith. More information can be found at .

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