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by Katina Strauch (Editor, Against the Grain)

Guess one of the biggest things that has happened recently is the merger of EBSCO Publishing and The H.W. Wilson Company.  Is this an ideal match?  The companies seem to think so.  Wilson databases will be loaded onto EBSCOhost over the coming months.  EBSCO will continue to maintain WilsonWeb until such time that all Wilson databases are available on EBSCOhost and customers have been transitioned to EBSCOhost.  Those of us on the library acquisitions/leasing side of things hope we won’t see accompanying pricing increases!  Watch for our interviews and see the full press release at https://www.against-the-grain.com/2011/06/ebsco-publishing-and-the-h-w-wilson-company-make-joint-announcement-of-merger-agreement/.

Also — burning up the ciber waves is the litigation between Georgia State University, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Sage with some financing from the Copyright Clearance Center.  The plaintiffs have requested an injunction  which would limit the amount of copying by professors that could take place without paying licensing fees.  Currently professors make copies based on fair use guidelines.  As Kevin Smith states in his blog, the case was completed as of June 9, and a decision is expected over the summer.

http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2011/ 05/23/university_presses_and_academic_publishers_keeping_pressing_georgia_state_on_copyright_issues


Related to this case is the recent statement of principles regarding document delivery released on June 9 by the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (STM).  In it, STM sets out five guiding principles it believes should be applied in any consideration of document delivery use and services.  STM publishers welcome constructive discussion on these principles, and seek participation in wider debates on document delivery.




I guess that it is true after all that all good things come to an end.  After 12 years of working with Libraries Unlimited, Ron Maas will be leaving the company due to a reorganization.  Ron says he has mixed feelings.  He has enjoyed his time working with us as wonderful partners, and he hopes we will cross paths somewhere farther down the road.  In the meantime, if you have questions about your work with Libraries Unlimited, be sure to check in with Barbara Ittner <bittner@abc-clio.com> who has been at LU longer than Ron (she started with the company when Ron was 12), and Ron says we are in good hands with her and LU will continue to be a force for positive change in the markets that we all serve.  Ron can be reached at <Ronmaas99@gmail.com>, or at his home phone 203-373-9597.  If you are on LinkedIn, send Ron a connection, and say something nice.  He is way too young to retire!

Just back from a fabulous trip!  We had the 13th Fiesole Collection Development Retreat in St. Petersburg, Russia. St. Petersburg is an incredibly historic city.  We arrived by train from Helsinki, Finland, to the Finland Station where Lenin arrived in a sealed train to begin the Russian Revolution.  We were greeted at the train station by Fred Lynden (once head of technical servives and scholarly communication at Brown and frequent attendee at the Charleston Conference) and his lovely and vivacious wife Irina, who is Deputy Director General of the National Library of Russia.  A cruise on the Neva River gave us a look at many famous landmarks and elegant palaces, and I had to pinch myself when we attended a Russian ballet (Ondine) at the Marlinsky TheaterFred looks great!  He could be a poster child for retirement.  And so does Irina who could be a poster child for working!  Hmmm …Oh!  Almost forgot!  The Retreat!  There were many excellent papers given by a host of international librarians, publishers, and vendors.  The current Charleston Report has some of my favorite quotes from the Retreat (see www.charlestonco.com/) but you need a subscription to look at them.  Will see what I can do about that!  The Casalini Website has many of the papers loaded there for your perusal.  Next year’s Retreat is planned for Fiesole, Italy April 12-14, 2012.


http://www.theconferencecircuit.com/2011/05/ 04/fiesole-retreat-may-11-13/

Tony Ferguson and his lovely wife Cheryl attended the Fiesole Retreat and we had a great time tramping around St. Petersburg as well as listening to the wonderful papers.  Tony did his usual wonderful wrap up of the Retreat and gives us a glimpse in his Back Talk, this issue, p.86.  Tony has retired from HKU but is still very active in lots of library venues, including OCLCTony’s personal email address is <anthony.ferguson185@gmail.com>.  He has relocated to Sahuarita, Arizona.  Talk about going around the world!  Tony’s mother is turning 90 during the Charleston Conference so he will not be coming unless we can persuade him.  In the meantime, the super Scotsman Derek Law will be summing up for the 2011 Charleston Conference.

Oh!  The new Librarian at HKU is Peter Sidorko: <peters@hkucc.hku.hk>.  Look forward to having him in Charleston some day soon!

Speaking of the 2011 (31st!) Charleston Conference, registration opened two days ago and we already have 42 people registered!  And the Vendor Showcase is open and filling up!  Sign up quickly!  The Early Bird gets the view!  www.katina.info/conference

The Saga of an acquisitions librarian.  How to find a hard to find item?  Such items still exist.  One of our library school student interns, Jessica Farrell, needed a copy of Directory of libraries and library professionals in Ghana (that’s the title on the title page; the title on the cover is Directory of libraries and library personnel in Ghana) published by the Ghana Library Association in 2004.  She had a copy on ILL but wanted her own copy to mark up.  After countless emails, the miracle worker Digby Sales (University of Cape Town) <Digby.Sales@uct.ac.za> magically located a copy even though he had said it was difficult sourcing material out of Africa north of South Africa.  Thank you, Digby!

We told you about Jill Emery’s pregnancy! Well, there’s a photo of Pearl Rose Hodges on page 64 of the print edition.  Pearl, who was born April 26, weighed 6 lbs, 3 ounces and was 19 inches tall, and took her dad’s last name.  And on June 9, Jill, husband, Dennis Hodges, and Pearl set out for Portland, Oregon where Jill will start a new job as the Collections Librarian at Portland State University on July 1.  Jill says they are looking forward to the more temperate summer plus being in the most bicycle friendly city in the U.S.  Personally Jill says, she is very excited to be joining the faculty at Portland State University and hopefully getting to work with the Orbis-Cascade Alliance.

And, speaking of the Orbis-Cascade Alliance, see the article in this issue Building a Demand Driven Consortium eBook Collection by Emily McElroy and Susan Hinken.

John Riley sent me several great reports from various conferences, especially BEA.  Unfortunately, there was not enough room to print them in the June ATG so we are putting them online rather than holding them for the September print issue.  Meanwhile, John Riley will be running the ALA breakfast in New Orleans since I will not be there. Am attending a family reunion where I will be bidding goodbye to my son and his wife and my two grandchildren!?  Sob!  My son is heading for Bogota, Colombia, on June 30, where he begins a new assignment in his life of an Army Major.  They will be gone for two years!

Speaking of ALA in New Orleans — Knut Dorn — the legend — will be retiring. Be sure and wish him well!  Tina Feick has promised an interview with Knut, so ask her when we can expect it when you see her in New Orleans.  Actually, just learned that the 100th Deutsche Bibliothekartag (German Librarians’ Day) takes place just before ALA, on June 7-10, and the theme is “Libraries for the Future — The Future of Libraries.”

Speaking of retirement, was surprised as well as pleased to see JJ Walsdorf’s name on my telephone screen the other day!  Jack says he is interested in publishing a collection of his book buying, book store, book selling  and book collecting articles which he has written over the past 40 plus years.  He noted that he has been rereading his ATG articles and finds that they are not dated and the content is still of interest.  Have y’all read the articles lately?  I have been looking over them myself and Jack, as always, is correct.

News from another retiree — Tom GilsonTom retired as Head of Reference at the College of Charleston Libraries but Against the Grain has scoffed him up since he wanted something else to do!  Tom will be working with ATG as an associate editor and is already responsible for several interviews in this issue — Deborah Kahn and Phoebe Ayers.  We welcome Tom back to the world of the working!

Connie Foster who is not retiring bless her heart, was just at her son’s wedding in Tybee Beach near Savannah, GA!  How exciting!  Did you see her profile on the ATG NewsChannel at www.against-the-grain.com/.

Just learned of the death of John Merriman of Blackwells.  Truly a wonderful memorable and lovable man.  See Eleanor Cook’s obit of John Merriman on the ATG NewsChannel at https://www.against-the-grain.com/2011/07/john-merriman/.

Speaking of which, I don’t have enough room to finish Rumors so I guess they are finally pushing me to the Internet.  See the rest of Rumors at www.against-the-grain.com.

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