v23 #3 From Your Editor

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From Your (chocolate loving) Editor:

The PTBs (powers that be) say that chocolate is good for you.  Dark chocolate.  Of course I love milk chocolate.  But milk chocolate must be better for you than, say, fried chicken or French fries.  While eating chocolate, a group of us have been working  on Against the Grain.  This issue is guest edited by the amazing Xan Arch who has collected articles from Robert Johnson, Jason Price, Peter Spitzform, Michael Levine-Clark, Rick Anderson and Sandy Thatcher, Emily McElroy and Susan Hinken, and Rebecca Seger and Lenny Allen.  We are lucky enough with this issue to have interviews with Phoebe Ayers, and Deborah KahnTony Ferguson is still giving us words of wisdom in Back Talk.  Meanwhile Michael Pelikan takes on “mobile,” Bob Nardini talks about competition, Jesse Holden discovers apps, Donna Jacobs discovers cheese and Independent People, Bryan Carson straightens us out on Righthaven, William Rieders looks beyond eTextbooks,  Bob Holley mourns the death of the journal, and Scott Smith considers much ado about PDA.  Lolly Gasaway has been asked about film snippets and yearbooks, while Steven Douglas and Michelle Flinchbaugh address issues in establishing digital repositories.  And, of course this is just the tip of the iceberg!  Happy Reading!

Plus, I have to tell you, that a lot of what we didn’t have room to print is in the online ATG, located at www.against-the-grain.com/.

Guess I will take a break now and have some chocolate ice cream.  And, for those of you who may happen by, I have a cache of all kinds of chocolates in my office.  Meantime,  have a great summer!

Much Love, Yr. Ed.

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