Tuesday, Aug. 9 – 1:00 ET

A free WEBcast presented by Digital Book World and Publishers Weekly.
Sponsored by Aptara

The digital transition has upended the publishing marketplace. In academic publishing, the challenges of digital are no less seismic. Factors like piracy, a growing secondary market, and the need for greater customization and speed to market are testing academic publishers. However, ebooks, enhanced and otherwise, offer academic publishers a chance to make textbooks more relevant to students and potentially increase adoption rates.  This free WEBcast hopes to provide academic and trade publishers lessons from big and small innovators.  Topics to be covered include:

  • New business models for selling content to educators and students by the chapter and by the format.
  • What “open textbooks,” or free online versions of course material, have done to curb attrition rates of textbook purchases by semester.
  • How academic enhanced ebooks have added video, audio, and interactive features that go beyond bells-and-whistles publishing and improve the learning experience.

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