FDsys is GPO’s official system for Federal information from all three branches of the U.S. Government. As GPO Access transitions and is shut down, Federal depository libraries are asked to assist in promoting/using FDsys and discontinue promoting/using GPO Access.In the past, brochures and other literature has been distributed or available for order that promote GPO Access. Today, these flyers are either outdated or deprecated. These include:

* Authenticated Federal Government Documents
* Explore Federal Rules and Regulations Using GPO Access
* Research Each Step in the Lawmaking Process Using GPO Access
* U.S. Government Bookstore
* Easy as FDL

Updated brochures, which are designed to increase public awareness of the FDLP and GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDsys), can now be ordered, free of charge, by depositories through the FDLP Desktop. These full-color, 7″ X 10″ brochures are being offered in bundles of 25 copies. Up to 5 bundles may be ordered at one time.

For more information on these new brochures, including descriptions, specifications, and how to order, visit: