Earlier today, Swets announced the successful release of SwetsWise 5.7, the latest technical update to the leading information management and procurement platform. Currently the only platform in the information industry to offer selection and management services for both eBooks and journal content, SwetsWise has been emboldened with a range of additional usability features and new functionalities with this latest release.

The 5.7 release boasts enhancements to Swets’ powerful and intuitive usage statistics collection and evaluation tool, SwetsWise Selection Support:

Quicker delivery of usage statistics for all customers: Customers can now receive statistics on a bi-weekly basis, where available, doubling frequency and improving service flexibility.

Duplicate journals report added: This new report enables quick discovery of titles owned in multiple platforms to study usage and make informed collection decisions.

Upload usage statistics in COUNTER FORMAT: Customers can now upload COUNTER Journal Report 1 statistics for external titles, enabling evaluation of all holdings through one system.

The release also includes the full implementation of our UserVoice feedback forum in SwetsWise. This handy feature enables all users, publishers and Swets internal staff to collaborate and openly discuss improvements and possibilities for the platform. Customers can enter the feedback forum from any page in SwetsWise to quickly enter suggestions and questions or comment and vote on existing suggestions. All feedback is moderated and infused with Swets’ future development cycle. The full roll out follows a rewarding two-month pilot that generated a high level of interest and participation amongst users.

“The features included in SwetsWise 5.7 reflect our ability to provide effective and efficient services that simplify the way our customers manage their collection of information,” said Frans van Ette, Business Development Director at Swets. “The rapid evolution of our SwetsWise platform continues apace and the UserVoice system will hopefully increase that pace. This handy feature will enable us to collaborate much closer with our entire customer base, creating a powerful and effective knowledgebase from which to drive a number of future developments.”

A full list of SwetsWise 5.7 features will be made available to customers on the platform. For more details, please visit www.swets.com/swetswise.