Unique formulary management and communication tool designed to improve governance. 

BNF on FormularyComplete has now launched, giving healthcare professionals the opportunity to synchronise local formulary information with gold standard BNF and BNF for Children guidance in a unique point-of-care tool.

Utilising the FormularyComplete editing tool, pharmacists and formulary managers can now effortlessly annotate BNF and BNF for Children with an indication of formulary status, add additional local information, or link through to institution-specific policies and procedures.  BNF on FormularyComplete has the capacity to support multiple formularies of varying levels of sophistication and has been designed for networking across health authorities, hospital trusts, primary care trusts and health organisations.

Duncan Enright, BNF Publishing Director at Pharmaceutical Press, commented “We are thrilled to launch this new product.  Combining local guidelines and policies with the BNF and BNF for Children in a point of care reference will inevitably mean improvements in compliance, improved patient safety and consistent practice at the point of care.”  He went on to say: “We view BNF on FormularyComplete as a key element in a strategy to take BNF knowledge, now recognised in the UK as the most ideal set of prescribing guidelines available1, and integrate it into clinical systems and workplaces for the benefit of clinicians, pharmacists and healthcare professionals”.

Judith Vincent of ABMU Health Board in Wales, whose hospitals have been closely involved in the development of the product said: “Having the BNF and BNF for Children installed on the local network ensures access at all times within the hospital.  The editing tool is intuitive and flexible and reduces time spent on creating and updating local content.  We see this as the answer to improved formulary management and better access to expert guidance.”

BNF on FormularyComplete is now available.  For further information, for pricing or to arrange a trial, contact pharmaceutical.press@rpharms.com