Libraries Thriving: Encouragin​g Collaborat​ion, Growth and Innovation in the Library Community

by | May 18, 2011 | 0 comments

Credo Reference recently launched a new corporate initiative called Libraries Thriving. The purpose of this initiative is to enable librarians to share a positive vision of their future role in information discovery and delivery and provide the tools, resources and support for the collective achievement of this vision.Much has been written about the future role of the library in the digital age and as an industry we have continued to see downward pressure on libraries’ budgets. In such an environment, it is valuable to have an international arena in which to share experiences and find the support needed to navigate the changing landscape effectively.
The Libraries Thriving initiative is taking many forms. The online community offers an Editor Forum, an Online Seminar Series, a Learning Community and case studies and resource links. We are excited to support an educational space dedicated to communicating the value of libraries and their ability to impact the learning moment.
The Libraries Thriving initiative developed as part of a Charleston Conference Plenary in November 2010, ‘The Tower and the Open Web‘. In the plenary, Mike Sweet, Credo Reference CEO and John Dove, Credo Reference President discussed the need for publishers, aggregators, and librarians to “get under students’ noses” when and where students are looking for information. The collaborative approach of the plenary, that included OUP, Wikipedia and NYU, called for a new approach in the common goal of reaching students where they are, providing them with the context for which they are looking, and matching them with quality information resources from their local libraries.

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