Johns Hopkins Transforms the Concept of a Medical Library

by | May 5, 2011 | 0 comments

The Welch Medical Library at Johns Hopkins University is leading the first-ever initiative to transform a physical library space into a virtual library, enhancing service to the faculty and others in the medical and scientific communities. ASN interviews members of the library staff to understand how the Welch Medical Library is stepping into the future.

Part 1: The Collection

Nancy Roderer and Sue Woodson discuss the shift to a virtual library and how faculty and the library collection will benefit from this change.

Part 2: The Evolution of Library Services

Blair Anton, Hamid Robb, MD, FASN, and Stella Seal discuss the changing role of librarians and the services they provide to physicians and scientists.

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Editor’s Note: Sue Woodson of the Welch Medical Library at Johns Hopkins University spoke at the 2010 Charleston Conference on “Rethinking Your Collections.”  Video of the presentation is available on the Conference website and the PowerPoint slides are available through SlideShare.

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