ATG Star of the Week: Michael Keller, Stanford University

by | May 5, 2011 | 0 comments

Name: Michael A. Keller

Title: University Librarian, Director of Academic Information Resources, Founder/Publisher of HighWire Press, Publisher of Stanford University Press

Organization: Stanford University


How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years:

For scholarly journal publishers, I hope all see the light and invest in providing features that accelerate the generation of new knowledge as well as figure out the possibilities for business models based on open access. For scholarly book publishers, I hope all see the light and begin producing the “new narrative” presentations that take better advantage of media objects, functioning models, spreadsheets, hyperlinked citations, and social networking for improved comprehension and communication of new knowledge. For librarians in the academy, I hope that they finally figure out that they can affect the course of scholarly communication by better use of the funds provided to them by their institutions, namely by selecting the titles that are highly relevant and not paying for content that is not highly relevant.

In five years time, the implications for the use of Semantic Web, Linked Data, and related informatics approaches to discovery, to description, to scholarly communication, and to knowledge management will be more widely understood and embraced by many librarians and their clients thanks to at least one fairly large scale prototype Linked Data environment.

Editor’s Note: Michael Keller is a confirmed plenary speaker for the 2011 Charleston Conference.  We are very much looking forward to having him in Charleston!  For more information on the Conference, visit

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