ATG Star of the Week: Adam Chesler, Business Expert Press

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Name: Adam Chesler
Title: Director of Library Relations
Organization: Business Expert Press (See our Publisher Profile)
Address: 222 East 46th Street, New York, NY 10017
Phone: (571) 243-7537

Born and Lived: Born in New York; grew up in the Bronx and Teaneck, NJ; went to college, and lived, in the Boston area for 25 years; now reside in Alexandria, VA.

Early Life: I started wearing glasses and braces in the same year, in third grade — frankly, I try not to think about my early life (however, contrary to popular opinion, that is NOT when I started losing my hair).

Family: My parents still live in NJ; my dad retired as a principal after over 30 years in the Bronx school system, and my mom is still working, as an orthodontist’s assistant (probably still paying off the bills from the aforementioned braces). I have a sister and a brother, both teachers in NJ; my sister has four children, the oldest of whom just wrapped up his freshman year at the University of Michigan. My wife Marla is the Head of Acquisitions at the Ralph J. Bunche Library at the State Department. We have two cats, neither of which has contributed a single thing to the betterment of our household, let alone humanity. I’m bitterly disappointed in them.

Professional Career and Activities: Started in publishing in 1985, working with medical and life sciences publications at Kluwer Academic Publishers. I moved into electronic products and services in 1997, managing sales, marketing and customer relations until the end of 2002. After a brief stint at Ingenta, I worked for the American Chemical Society until 2008. Next, I was Director of Content for the American Society for Training and Development; in February 2011, I took on my latest challenge as Director of Library Relations for Business Expert Press, a four- year old publisher built around the idea that buying ebooks doesn’t have to be difficult. Overcoming my optical, dental and pilary deficiencies, I was elected to the NASIG Board in 2005, where I served as a Member at Large (while my term expired in 2007, there are a couple of constabularies which may still consider me “at large” but let’s not talk about that, okay?). Have spoken at numerous library and publishing conferences in several countries, and contributed articles to Against the Grain, the Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries, Learned Publishing, and Serials Review.

In My Spare Time: crossword puzzles, running (well, jogging, anyway), doing what my wife tells me to do (see below)

Favorite Books: All the King’s Men (Robert Penn Warren), Lamb (Christopher Moore).

Pet Peeves: rudeness and general inconsiderateness; rubberneckers, who should be instantly deposited at the very back of the traffic tie-up they’re causing. Not that I’ve thought about it too much, but it would involve large cranes, a sophisticated winch-and-pulley system, and a colony of bullet ants.

Philosophy: Happy wife, happy life.

Most Memorable Career Achievement: I’m proud to have been on the CLOCKSS board from 2006-2008 and playing a small part in introducing it to the scholarly community.

Goal I Hope to Achieve Five Years from Now: To make sure that every academic library supporting business students is buying books from Business Expert Press — and I hope it takes less than five years.

How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years: Well, Casey Stengel said “Never make predictions, especially about the future,” but I’ll go with this:  the number of students using personal, tablet-type devices as their primary vehicle for reading and annotation will exceed the number who don’t (I know there’ve been recent studies showing limited uptake to date, but I think it’s simply a matter of time).

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