ATG Hot Topic of the Week, Take 2: Georgia State Copyright Suit in Full Swing

by | May 27, 2011 | 0 comments

by Katina Strauch, Editor

The Georgia State University lawsuit is in full swing. An injunction has been requested by Cambridge, Oxford, and Sage and the CCC. The injunction would limit the amount of copying by professors that could take place without paying licensing fees. Currently professors make copies based on fair use guidelines. As Kevin Smith states in his blog,

“There is absolutely no mention of fair use or section 107 of the copyright law in this proposed order. Instead, the coping that would be permitted without permission is entirely defined by the bright line rules of the 1976 Guidelines for Classroom Copying (see pp 68-70). Actually, it is the guidelines PLUS an additional requirement that is being sought as the sole standard for non-permissive copying.”

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