Swets, the world’s leading information services company, and Innovative Interfaces, a market leader in library automation services, announced earlier today that they have successfully established a range of electronic data interchange (EDI) connections between their proprietary systems; namely SwetWise and Millennium. These connections enable the rapid, automatic transfer of invoice, claim and packing slip information between the two systems and eliminate the need to manually input and duplicate that data. This provides greater efficiency and convenience to all librarians utilizing the two systems.

With data automatically updated and visible in both systems, customers can receive, handle and maintain all relevant claim and invoice data through their chosen interface. Libraries using Swets’ Consolidation Service and Innovative’s Serials eCheckin Server can additionally use the packing slip information provided by Swets to quickly check-in batches of journal issues, reducing their manual workload even further.

In the last quarter of 2010, ten new library EDI connections have been set-up between Swets and Millennium customers and further roll-out will take place during the course of 2011. Active cooperation is in place to support libraries with setting-up these connections between Swets and Millennium and both companies will partner in maintaining these connections to ensure that customers retain complete control of their data in the manner of their choosing.

For more information, visit http://www.swets.com/web/show/id=46021/langid=42/contentid=509.