The Independent Scholarly Publishers Group (ISPG) is delighted to announce that Publishers Communication Group (PCG) will be representing its content in Europe.

The Independent Scholarly Publishers Group is a coalition of seventeen independent publishers of 40 journals and related academic content that promotes, markets to, and negotiates with library consortia, hospitals and other organizations around the globe. The ISPG collection, which includes such significant journals as: Health Affairs, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, and Mayo Clinic Proceedings, is hosted on the HighWire platform. With this new agreement, PCG will be providing European market sales expertise for the complete set of ISPG content.

PCG has provided an extensive range of specialized and comprehensive sales and marketing services, customized to meet the needs of scholarly and professional publishers since 1990. Their expert, locally-based, international native-speakers staff in Europe will tailor a focused sales and marketing program, representing the ISPG content to key institutions and consortia throughout the region.

For more information, please contact:
Emily Taylor
Publishing Technology plc