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To all librarians interested in collection management and development:

Last week, the ALCTS Collection Management Section launched a new blog entitled Collection Connection: The Library Collection Management Blog

Steven Harris, Director of Collections & Acquisitions Services at the University of New Mexico Libraries, is the Blogmaster, and Harriet Lightman, Head of Academic Liaison Services at Northwestern University Library, is the Associate Blogmaster.

The Collection Connection will provide an online forum for discussion, announcements, and current information related to the issues of collection management and development. New blog posts will appear at least once each week. Harris and Lightman will be regular contributors to the blog, and occasionally, an invited guest will expound upon some collection management issue or activity. Although it will be located on the ALA/ALCTS/CMS Website, the blog is freely available to all and does not require ALA, ALCTS, or CMS membership.

All librarians and individuals interested in library collection management are welcome to visit the site, to comment on any blog entry, and to contribute a personal blog entry (contact Harris if you would like to contribute a blog entry).

In his first blog last week, Harris questioned why collections librarians, especially directors or heads of collection development, just do not do social media, and he provided a few possible reasons why collections librarians might be a bit slow to pick up on new social media. The second blog discussed possible ramifications of the new paywall implemented by the New York Times that restricts individual computers from accessing articles for free after 20 views in one month, and Harris suggested a few options for the library’s public computers and staff computers that reach the paywall limit.

Please check out Collection Connection, and join our discussion about library collection management.

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